Sclerotherapy is a specialist treatment performed in order to
remove small-medium thread veins located in the legs.

These veins can be very unsightly and appear due to age, lifestyle, health and genetics, however treating them with sclerotherapy can diminish up-to 80-90% of treated thread veins immediately!

Sclerotherapy is a more or less painless procedure, which involves injecting the veins directly with a
sclerosant solution using a very small
needle. This will then trigger the vein to collapse as the solution travels along its lumen leading to the shrivelling up of the thread veins and their permanent disappearance. Bear in mind, however, new veins may need future maintenance.

The treatment itself may last up to an hour and 3-6 treatments may be recommended within a 6-week duration for maximal results.

Aftercare will entail the client to then were support stockings consistently for 3 days post-treatment.