For many individuals, the shape of their nose can severely affect their levels of confidence. Until very recently, the only answer to this emotional issue was a surgical rhinoplasty; an invasive, costly procedure requiring an extensive hospital stay, with a lengthy and uncomfortable period of recovery.

To date the surgical nose job remains the solution for largely unproportional noses, however, we can now reshape and effectively re-contour the nose via the performance of a non-surgical rhinoplasty.

The Non-surgical rhinoplasty uses long lasting dermal fillers, which are injected underneath the skin to correct a wide range of nose defects by reshaping, rebalancing or resizing the appearance of the nose.

Treatment areas of the nose include:

Nose folds
A bump/ hump on the bridge of the nose
Asymmetrical nose
Crooked nose
A flat or a low bridge


  • The changes that can be achieved are natural-looking.
  • Vast improvements in nose reshaping that are simply not possible via a surgical nose job.
  • Results are visible immediately as compared to almost a year for surgical rhinoplasty.
  • The patient is conscious during the procedure and can interact with the aesthetics practitionor to achieve their most desired result.
  • Minor bruising could be covered with makeup.
  • Bruising usually resides within 3-4 days.
  • No General Anaesthetic
  • Minutes  to perform.
  • Minimal discomfort