PDO Threads

PDO (Polydioxanone) threads is a very new treatment offered within the Aesthetics industry, allowing clients to target areas which can not be targeted through the use of other treatments. This includes, for example, lifting and tightening certain areas of the upper and lower face.

What do PDO threads do?

PDO threads once inserted promptly controlled healing (inflammatory response), leading to the growth of new collagen, as a “€˜mesh-like “€™ thread structure under the skin develops; using mono and screw threads.

The threads can then remain for a duration of up to 2 years, as the body safely absorbs the temporary resorbable threads via a natural eliminating process; leading to results mimicking a subtle facelift in targeted areas.

Due to the production and growth of collagen via a process called neocollagenesis; immediate results will then continue to improve up to 4 months following treatment and then remain until the body naturally breaks the thread down.

What will the PDO thread treatment involve?

  • Skin will be numbed with a strong numbing agent
  •  PDO threads (monofilament small needles) are placed under the superficial layer of the skin (virtually painless).

Bear in mind that the number of threads needed will depend upon the area of concern being targeted.

What can I expect after treatment?

  • localised swelling
  • bruising
  • tenderness

Treatments with other aesthetics treatments can also be later combined for a more desired result.