Everybody is different in whether they tend to bruise or swell. Some may get bruising and swelling and others may not get any at all. Those that swell may notice swelling immediately after treatment or some may not notice it until the morning after, as the second day always seems to be the worst for any swelling. After a few days, however, any bruising or swelling will subside and you will be advised to drink lots of water following treatment, which can along with Ibuprofen help to reduce any swelling.

 At the Aesthetics Lounge, we like to ensure that all of our clients have a comfortable treatment and so we use great numbing creams, which the client will put on during their consultation to numb the area prior to treatment.

This treatment can last for up-to 12 months, however, everyone is different on how fast their metabolism is, meaning that it can be absorbed quicker in some compared to others. Those with a higher metabolism may need to request thicker filler.

This treatment can last up-to 2 years! The reason it lasts longer than any other facial filler is because the filler is placed on top of the nasal bone, which is further away from the blood supply and does not move like other areas of the face.

This treatment involves injecting dermal filler into certain areas of the nose to create more of the desired shape. This procedure will not make the nose any bigger but can not make the nose any smaller, however, is great for straightening bridges, hiding bumps and humps and reshaping tips!

At the Aesthetics Lounge we use the Juverderm and Restylane range of dermal facial fillers, however for our buttock enhancement treatment we use Sculptra and Macrolane.

No, all of our practitioners are fully trained and qualified. The reason for model days is to take lots of great before and after pictures and videos for our new gallery on our website!

Currently, the model days run on a Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Yes, there is free parking on our back car park on Windmill Street at the side of the building.

The Old Foundry, Bath Street, Walsall, WS1 3BZ.

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