Corrective Work

Within the industry of aesthetics, there is often news of many individuals who are not happy with their previous results from dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are extremely popular nowadays and can remain in the tissue …

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Booster Shots

Here at Aesthetics lounge we also offer 3 shots to give clients a quick boost: Glutathoine Booster Shot- The superhero of antioxidants B12 Booster Shot- Multiple benefits in a single booster shot Fat Burning Shot

IV Drops

Intravenous Vitamin Nutrition Drips is a new and upcoming treatment used amongst celebs and all others in the Aesthetics industry! We can now simply replace missing vitamins and minerals to make us look and feel …

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Sclerotherapy is a specialist treatment performed in order to remove small-medium thread veins located in the legs. These veins can be very unsightly and appear due to age, lifestyle, health and genetics, however treating them …

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For many individuals, the shape of their nose can severely affect their levels of confidence. Until very recently, the only answer to this emotional issue was a surgical rhinoplasty; an invasive, costly procedure requiring an …

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Facial Fillers

As the skin ages, it loses the collagen that helps shape and support it, as lines and wrinkles appear to deepen over time. UV light exposure, cigarette smoking, air pollution and stress can all age …

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