About Us

The Aesthetics Lounge is located within the Birmingham, West Midlands region and is managed and directed by Miss Hannah Abbassi, a highly qualified Medical Scientist, Fertility Specialist, Skincare Specialist, Beautician and Aesthetics Practitioner with recently published papers in the study and treatment of skin pathogens.

The Aesthetics Lounge offers a wide range of aesthetic treatment and takes its level of hygiene, safety and professionalism extremely seriously to provide the very best service to its valued clients to positively enhance the way they look and feel.

Our team work exceptionally hard to assist each individual on a flexibly desired basis to maintain their confidence and appearance, whilst being there to advise and recommend the best options for a natural and beautiful look!

Why Us

The meaning of the word aesthetics underlines either a concern with beauty or the appreciation of beauty and here at the Aesthetics Lounge, our qualified aesthetic practitioners thrive on enhancing the way our clients look and feel.

We believe that confidence is beauty and work happily alongside our clients to ensure that they are completely satisfied with our teams level of honesty, perfection and expertise, whilst providing a high standard of hygiene throughout each and every treatment.

Our aesthetics practitioners are friendly, supportive and very flexible when it comes to working around their client’s needs and spend time listening to exactly what it is our clients really want, whilst giving them a realistic image of what it is that can be achieved to provide the most natural and symmetrical look.